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For Center open rods enter the size of each side (panel) then multiply result by two. This will ensure each panel has an even amount of carriers

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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

We will ship anywhere as long as you pay for it.

That said, Claire Deco will actually do everything possible, to minimize the cost of shipping.

For this reason it is very hard to quote a price on the web site, as we do the following;

  1. Make sure the box is the smallest in terms of width and height.
  2. Based on length we get quotes from at least three carriers and pick the cheapest.
  3. We will try and pack multiple rods in one box as freight is calculated on length of box not just weight.
  4. If we find a price is too high we will call for your authorization.

Please note Claire Deco can ship rails in one piece longer than 108” but this requires a quote from transport trucking.

At Claire our goal is to make you money, not transport companies!