Wave Drape Calculator

For Center open rods enter the size of each side (panel) then multiply result by two. This will ensure each panel has an even amount of carriers

  • Spacing
  • Rod Length

Product Instructions

Product - Produit
English Francais
Euroscope Euroscope-EN.pdf Euroscope-FR.pdf
Invisible Invisible-EN.pdf  
Kontur Alu Kontur-EN-Nov-24-11.pdf Kontur-FR-Nov-29-11.pdf
Kontur Evo Kontur-Evo-EN.pdf  
Motorized Mororized Instructions English  
Nexgen & Nexgen Applique Nexgen-EN.pdf Nexgen-FR.pdf
Tekno 25 Tekno-25-EN.pdf Tekno-25-FR.pdf
Tekno 40 Tekno-40-EN.pdf Tekno-40-FR.pdf
Tekno 40 Wood    
Simplicite Simplicitie-EN.pdf  
Urban Urban-Instructions.pdf  
Bay Window Simplicitie Suimplicte BayWindow-EN.pdf  
Corner Winow Simplicite Simplicite Corner-Window-EN.pdf  
Wave Drape   Wave-Drape-FR.pdf