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For Center open rods enter the size of each side (panel) then multiply result by two. This will ensure each panel has an even amount of carriers

  • Spacing
  • Rod Length

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Use Wave Snap Calculator to determine quantity of carriers

For center open drapes please verify you have an even amount of carriers per panel

More Info

  • Compatible with all standard Ripple Fold snap tape systems.
  • 100% spacing is the industry standard spacing between carriers and waves, creating a flowing appearance.
  • The Standard Snap Carrier 100% makes a two to one (2 to 1) fullness drape.
  • Standard Snap Carriers 100% are best used for drapes up to 144'' wide.
  • As always with Snap Drapes (Ripple Fold), fullness is created by spacer string distance.

Snap Carrier 100%

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